3 Months with Henry

February 3, 2014 § 2 Comments


Henry is 3 months old and he’s cuter, more fun, and funnier than ever.


A lot has happened over the last month. Henry has hung out with his good buddy Rocco V. a few times, and although the 4 month age difference seems big now, soon it’ll be nothing at all. I can’t wait until they can play on the floor together and Kate and I can hang out and watch, while drinking coffee (wine)!


Henry also earned himself a lovely little tattoo on his Dad. (I spent years earning mine! ;)


I also had my first extended period of time on my own with Henry in January, while Nick had to travel for work. The travel just so happened to coincide with one of Henry’s “leaps” or growth spurts so he was fussy and didn’t want to sleep for more than an hour at a time all night, every night, for the three nights Nick was away.


I love spending time with the little guy, but I gotta tell you, it was tough! Thank goodness my third day alone was a Saturday and Annie came over to visit. She even practiced babysitting for an hour so I could go for a walk by myself around the neighbourhood. The next morning, she watched him so I could go to yoga. Thank you, Annie, you were my savior!


This photo was taken while I was making dinner the night Nick got home. Henry had obviously not slept well and Nick was exhausted from traveling so they just gave in to a little cuddle nap on the couch. It was so sweet that I got choked up!


I’ve been giving him lots of milk to create more chubby appendages.


He loves to talk more than ever – so many coos and funny noises! We are so close to a giggle, if only his hiccups wouldn’t get in the way!


It’s also fun that he likes to play with toys now – he actually has interest in stuffed animals, play mats, his mobile, and a few other little trinkets.




After two weeks of bad sleep, Nick and I decided to create and enforce a regular night time routine. It’s been working out pretty well and I actually have about an hour of free time with Nick before I go to bed. Oh, I can’t wait until he sleeps the 16 hours a day he’s supposed to!

As tired as I am most of the time, I keep reminding myself to stop and enjoy these moments. He really has been growing and changing so fast. I need to soak up all of the naps in my arms and on my chest while he’s still so tiny!

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