5 Months with Henry

April 2, 2014 § Leave a comment


Henry is officially 5 months old today! The last month has been our favourite by far. He’s developed a sense of humour (who hasn’t seen the video of him laughing at Nick folding laundry yet?), he loves to play, he likes to be thrown in the air, carried around like Superman, still enjoys hanging out with me in the kitchen while I cook, and is “talking” nonstop.


He still lets me take countless pictures of him everyday and poses like a tiny model.


He’s almost sitting up on his own too! Well I suppose he is now, but still topples over to one side or too far forward if he’s examining his feet.


The fourth month was a transformative one for both Henry and I: we both starting losing our excess hair! For me, it was the extra hairs I had from pregnancy, but for him, it was the dark hair he was born with. He’s now a strawberry blonde, except for his little mullet which is still brown.


All three of us have been reveling in Henry’s new and improved sleeping habits. It’s been over a month since his sleep training and he’s still doing great! He gets about 11 hours of sleep a night and has 3 naps a day. (I’m currently enjoying the 1 1/2 hour one he’s taking right now.)


He’s also ruling at tummy time! He kicks those legs and swims with those arms like he wants to crawl so bad, but that tummy is staying firmly planted for now. Phew! Nick and I aren’t ready for crawling yet.


The only downside of sleep training was that Henry will no longer take a bottle. Oh well, I’ll take sleep over more freedom any day. And although I’m proud to say he’s still being exclusively breast fed, soon he’ll be on to real foods!


Nap time is over, so this blog is too. See you next month with another update!

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