Attitude Of Gratitude

September 5, 2014 § Leave a comment


Sometimes, it’s easy to get lost in parenthood. The days blend together, and you seem like you’re living nap time to nap time, feeding time to feeding time. I get consumed by whatever challenge Henry is throwing at me that week – lately it’s a rotating roster of sleep, food, diaper changing, and drinking water issues – and I get stressed out that it’s not going perfectly. Other kids seem to be perfect eaters, natural sleepers. Sometimes Henry is absolutely neither of those things! He turns my plans upside down and exhausts me physically and mentally.

Today my sister told me that she’s up 13 times a night with her two week-old twins, but that every day is like Christmas morning. She can’t believe how lucky she is. Now that’s inspiring and something I will remember.

Henry is the greatest little person I’ve ever met. And Nick and I CREATED HIM. His closed-lipped little smile and contagious laugh are my two favourite things in the world. He’s constantly learning and doing new things and blowing my mind that he was a skinny little alien of a baby just 10 months ago. Sometimes it’s easy to forget when I’m tired, but I have Nick and Henry and that makes me the luckiest lady in New York. Thanks for reminding me, Jenn.

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