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January 8, 2015 § Leave a comment


Is it just me or have TV shows gotten REALLY good lately? After a long day of work/caring for a toddler, Nick and I love to find a great show to watch together in bed on our Apple TV. (I don’t even know why we still have cable in the living room.) Here’s what we’ve been watching the past few months:

The IT Crowd 

SO. FUNNY. I remember watching this with my friend Joe about five years ago when he got it off a torrent site. I totally forgot about it until we decided to give it a go this summer and it made me laugh hysterically within the first few episodes. Nick wasn’t sold on it until the third episode (which made me cry, I laughed so hard). Since then, we have rewatched them all about 5 times. Available on Netflix and final episode on Hulu.

The Blacklist

The first drama that sucked both of us in in a long time. Powerful cliffhangers, good stories, ongoing pressing questions, and James Spader just rules. Available on Netflix.

The Americans

Who knew ‘Felicity’ was such a great actress? This show is pretty dark and intense – it pushes the envelope on just how heavy we want to get while trying to unwind – but it’s a really good show with surprising twists and again, powerful cliffhangers. I can’t believe shows like these can be aired on plain old cable! Available on iTunes.


This one blew us away. The acting is incredible and the storyline and cinematography are impressive. Since it was adapted from their 1996 film, The Coen Brothers were involved and it shows. Billy Bob Thornton is terrifying. Available on iTunes.

I think we will try Transparent next, from Amazon Prime. What have YOU been watching? Let me know what else we should add to our queue!


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