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October 25, 2013 § Leave a comment


Happy Friday! Do you guys have any awesome Fall weekend plans? My brother and his wife are in town so Nick and I will be meeting up with them. We’ll also be waiting for Henry to decide to arrive! It would be great if my brother’s trip coincided with him coming, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens…

Here’s what I’ve been enjoying this week online (besides last-minute labour and newborn care articles):

This dog will only ride in a car if you’re holding his paw.

19 Idiotic, but completely real, travel complaints.

I guess I have these to look forward to :\

Amazing kids’ Halloween costumes that they’re too young to understand.

New York + London: A Collection of Double Exposures

This guy’s Halloween costume efforts put us all to shame.

Laughing at people freaking out at a haunted house is the best.

[Illustration by João Lauro Fonte]

This Week In Links

October 11, 2013 § Leave a comment


Happy Friday – but more importantly – happy birthday to my husband Nick who astounds me with his amazingness everyday. To celebrate, we’re going to see Machete Kills at Nitehawk Cinemas tonight. Can’t wait!

Here’s what’s been happening online this week:

Have you seen any of Banksy’s art show taking place on the streets of NYC? (There was one in Greenpoint, but it was removed already – probably to be sold on eBay!)

America slowly adds colour to its money.

A vampire cemetery has been found in Poland.

As I get ready to enter mom-dom, I really appreciate this rant by an amazing husband.

Dolphins prefer Radiohead.

Watch a 3 1/2 minute trailer for the Wes Anderson Collection book.

Get your sh*t together, America.

“New York is the only place in the world where people might say they like your work but they don’t ask you for anything.”

If you’re a Canadian musician, here’s how to take the train across the country for free.

This Week In Links

September 27, 2013 § Leave a comment


Happy Friday! What are you doing this weekend? I am so excited to have two of my favourite ladies, Sarah and Karen, visit me from Toronto. In the 3 1/2 years I’ve lived in Brooklyn, they have yet to come see me so it’ll be great to hang out before I have a mini-me to lug around.  Let’s just hope being nearly 9 months pregnant doesn’t slow me down too much!

Here’s what I’ve been enjoying online this week:

Sigur Ros plays beautifully in a cave.

I am definitely keeping this in mind for when Henry’s a little older.

Weird and funny: celebrities Photoshopped into house party photos.

RIP Volkswagen Hippie Van :(

This is such a great idea.

Quiz: How many of IMDB’s 250 Top Movies of All Time have you seen? (I’ve seen 93.) via Jayme

Tina Fey hosts Saturday Night Live’s season premiere tomorrow!

I hope this invention comes to life.

[Photo: Erin Drewitz]

This Week In Links

September 20, 2013 § Leave a comment


This week flew by – as all weeks continue to do as my due date gets closer! What are you up to this weekend? I’m going to have my baby bump documented by blog Well Rounded NY later this afternoon and Nick and I may venture into the city to see Salinger at some point. (I also wouldn’t say no to a cone from Big Gay Ice Cream if we’re there.)

Here’s what I’ve been enjoying online this week:

This is terrifyingly hilarious. (via Angela)

How NOT to make a burrito.  (via Stefanie)

If you thought New Yorkers lived on top of each other, wait til you see this.

Louis C.K. explains why he hates smartphones and, as usual, he’s completely right.

What type of procrastinator are you?

This made me laugh harder than anything else this week.

[Photo: Benoit Paille]

This Week In Links

September 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

tumblr_msvbsvWJd31qz6f9yo2_1280After realizing I start many of my conversations with “I just read an article” or “I just saw this online” for the past year or so, I thought that I should start sharing the interesting things I come across on the internet with all of you. Each week, I’ll post the links I found share-worthy. I hope you’ll find them interesting too!

Photos and video of Migaloo the Albino Humpback Whale blew me away. He’s so friendly!

Very helpful gifs for anyone who’s going to visit (and survive) NYC.

The most exciting news of the week.

If you are about to rip your eyes out and ears off at one more mention of Miley Cyrus, then this is for you.

These skeletons from the catacombs of Rome are amazing.

For the techies: Why Cards Are The Future Of The Web.

You’ve heard about me attending Creative Mornings in Brooklyn for the past couple years now – with their new website, you can watch all the talks from around the world. Get inspired!

We just ordered these for Henry’s room.

But we’ll have to wait a few years before we can dress him in this.

Word nerds rejoice!

If Famous Writers Had Instagram.

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