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Since I’m 35 years old, despite living in NYC where many people have their first child at 40, I am right on the cusp of¬†geriatric pregnancy territory. This sounds kind of insulting, but along with it comes more attention AND a genetic blood test that can also tell you the sex of your baby much earlier than normal. I’ll take it!


So everyone, we’re having another boy! Introducing Charlie. Nick and I got to visit with him this morning at my routine anatomy scan and he waved to us, yawned, and also wiggled his toes. He’s already adorable.

Remember when we found out we were having a Henry?

And this was me this time last pregnancy: 16 weeks.

16 Weeks

May 16, 2013 § 5 Comments


Being pregnant is still pretty great! I hit the four month mark yesterday, almost without realizing it because I’m bad at math. (Thanks, Nick, for pointing out that 16 weeks is the same as four months.)

My darker blonde roots continue to grow as I haven’t dyed my hair since January. I was in a bit of denial about my belly actually being visible, but I realize it’s now quite a little bump. The only cravings I’ve had so far have been for pizza at about 10pm last Monday, and french fries whenever I’m in a restaurant and smell them. Other than that, I’m very fortunate to work from home and so I’m able to make myself healthy meals all day.

The little mini is now the size of an avocado. We will (hopefully) find out the sex a week from today during our next set of tests!

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