Animating Your Friends

February 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

You know those middle-of-the-winter blues? The ones where you spend your weekends eating too much, drinking too much, or just deciding to tattoo the inside of your lip on a whim? Well despite keeping pretty busy this month, I still managed to find time to get bored, and how did I combat the boredom? By taking this weekend’s most popular app “imadeface” and turning it into a game.


Sarah was my opponent. After creating pretty accurate cartoon versions of ourselves and our friend Karen, we decided to pick a friend to animate, then share our interpretation of said friend at the same time. The results were pretty funny. I hope the friends we cartooned appreciate this and know that we chose them because of their pretty faces.

Round 1: Julia Deakin (photo)


Round 2: Angela Holmes (photo)


Round 3: Jana Neumann (photo)


Round 4: Sarah Townson


It’s funny how to a stranger, these could look like completely different people, but to someone who knows the subject, there’s different features in each interpretation that ring true. I think Sarah won the game, unless anyone can argue otherwise! The imadeface app is available for free in the iPhone app store.


June 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

I am a sucker for a great story and I, along with billions of other people around the world, believe the Harry Potter series is a fantastic and incredibly detailed tale. I don’t get dressed up in a cloak and bring along the corresponding novel to the theatre when a new movie comes out (I’ve seen people do it!), but I have read all of the books more than once and I love the movies. I’m re-reading the last half of the last book right now so that I can get the most out of the final movie in a few weeks.

Like most Harry Potter fans, I’ve accepted the series had an end and enjoyed the conclusion to the story when the last book came out 4 years ago, but now it seems there’s still something to look forward to after the last movie is released. Mega-author┬áJ.K. Rowling announced interactive website Pottermore a few days ago and although it doesn’t officially launch until October, you can register to be a member now. Here’s hoping it has something to offer its adult fans!

Check out the incredibly well-done die-cut paper animations in her filmed explanation:

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