Bump Dressing

June 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

Remember that dress I mentioned last week? The one I wore to a dentist appointment and actually got me a seat on a packed L train? Well look who has similar taste in baby bump gear.


Just a princess, that’s all! Now I want one in blue too.

This may call for another maternity clothes order from ASOS!

Jay and Julia

January 26, 2013 § 1 Comment

The Deakin-Gordon wedding may have happened four months ago, but their fantastic wedding photographer (and I mean seriously talented) Rick O’Brien just posted a summary of the events on his blog with photos yesterday. When Julia showed me his previous work, I knew the photos would be great, but seeing them finished yesterday blew me away. It’s great to see that Rick managed to show the absolute beauty that radiated through this entire wedding with his photos.


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NYC + Brooklyn City Guide: Shopping

July 30, 2012 § 2 Comments

Like restaurants, New York has countless stores. Some people come to New York just to shop! With all the choices you have out there, sometimes you need a little guidance, someone to point you in the right direction. If you have taste similar to mine, I’m sure you’ll enjoy my Top 10 Places to Shop in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

1. Uniqlo – Manhattan

This store makes New York the envy of every other North American city. Well, maybe it’s just one of the reasons. Really though, with their incredibly affordable basics and great jeans, I can’t begin to tell you how many Canadian friends ask me to buy them things here to bring home when I visit. Do yourself a favour and make sure you hit up one of their three NYC locations when you’re in town and stock up on your favourites!

2. Strand – Manhattan

This legendary bookstore is a must-visit for bookworms visiting New York. It’s full of new and used books as well as great Strand and NYC merchandise.

3. Dalaga – Brooklyn

My personal favourite clothing store for the past three years. This boutique is owned by sisters Michelle and Mary, but every lovely lady who works at this store is friendly and helpful. Have a question about how comfortable that shoe is? Chances are, one of the girls working there is wearing that pair and can tell you all about it. The best part is that the clothes are gorgeous and unique, but are still affordable. I love to bring friends visiting here and watch them buy half a new wardrobe.

4. Catbird – Brooklyn

The mecca for cute, beautiful, and unique jewelry. Much nicer than costume jewelry, but it won’t break the bank. They also sell letterpress cards, Saipua soap, and summer hats.

5. ABC Carpet & Home – Manhattan

A perfect destination for window shopping, interior design lovers. Even if you can’t afford that $1500 end table, you will be inspired by their displays and merchandise.

6. Journelle – Manhattan

This lingerie shop is the anti-Victoria’s Secret. Find pretty underthings from Eberjey, Elle Macpherson, and Fortnight that make you feel beautiful instead of like you’re some kind of unfamiliar raunchy version of yourself.

7. J. Crew – Manhattan

I love J. Crew’s new, fresh, colourful, and fun looks these days. Great for bright jeans, cute tops, purses, shoes and more. A great place to go just to get outfit inspiration.

8. Madewell – Manhattan

Sometimes called “J. Crew’s little sister”, Madewell is a chain that’s clearly in-tune with the latest fashion trends. The store in Soho can be a little overwhelming as it fills up fast on the weekend. Just take your time and try to shop through all those racks of cute stuff while dodging people!

9. Word – Brooklyn

I’m lucky to have my favourite bookstore right in my neighbourhood! This shop is cozy and on the smaller side, but this just means quality over quantity. The staff gives great reading recommendations and their comment cards provide the perfect opportunity to get rid of your “reader’s block”. I buy almost all of my greeting cards here too.

10. Eastern District – Brooklyn

This beer and cheese shop is such a treat for food lovers. Order a turkey sandwich with gouda and bacon marmalade on fresh bread, pick up some tasty cheese, try some new craft beers, or take home some tasty treats (anything from chocolate to honey to pickles). You’ll be glad you did!

(photo: Benjamin Lozovsky)

Finally, a happy ending!

August 2, 2010 § 17 Comments

After all the waiting, the drama, the paperwork, the visits, the headaches, the hellos, and the goodbyes Nick and I were finally married Thursday July 22 in New York.

Once we were all gussied up, Nick and I headed down to Manhattan’s city hall to arrive by 12:30. We met our small pseudo-wedding party there and signed in with the desk, gave them our ID and marriage license, and told them we were there to be married!

They gave us a number, as the process is first-come-first-served. We didn’t have to wait long at all, only about 20 minutes.

We spent that time visiting with our loved ones, taking some photos, and smiling harder than we’ve ever smiled before!

We were assigned the West Chapel. Everyone was allowed to come in with us and watch. Nick and I giggled and couldn’t stand still. We were so happy, we felt as if our heads might burst!

The official who married us was great – he had a sense of humour and a strong New York accent! The entire ceremony took less than 2 minutes. We walked out of there ecstatic and, if possible, more in love than ever.

After taking some photos in the immediate area, we all headed to the City Hall Restaurant for lunch.

They did a wonderful job hosting us. We had the Rose Room to ourselves downstairs. After a delicious lunch, some lovely speeches, and some champagne, they brought us our wedding cake with candles lit for us to blow out.

After lunch, we parted ways with our guests and went off with Jesse (and Courtney!) to take some photos as a couple. There were so many great photo-worthy spots in the city hall area. At one point, while standing in front of the subway entrance, some tourists started taking our photo behind Jesse – I think they thought we were famous!

We ended up walking all the way back to Brooklyn over the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a beautiful day, afterall!

That night, we met a couple more friends at Bowlmor Lanes for a wedding afterparty of sorts. It was a great idea and a ton of fun. Nick’s friends who don’t drink had a great time bowling, and those who did drink enjoyed excellent service and a great bar. Shannon did a wonderful job setting it all up for us! We finished off the night upstairs in the “Carnival” room which is set up to look like an indoor Coney Island. There will be more photos to come once I have our professional ones from Jesse! In the meantime, check out my Flickr for more photos Courtney took with my camera.

(My hair and makeup was done by Lauren at Woodley and Bunny in Williamsburg. My dress was from Betsey Johnson in SoHo.)


Who needs a wedding planner when you’ve got the internet?

May 27, 2010 § 1 Comment

Now that Nick and I have the official ‘go ahead’ from the American government to get married, I’ve been scouring alternative wedding blogs like The Unbride, Brooklyn Bride, The Knot, and Once Wed for last minute ideas. Here are some of my favorite things I’ve found through these sites.

This engagement shoot by Christine Chang is so funny and adorable. When the couple was asked what sort of things they like to do together, they just said “We don’t do much, all we do is eat and do laundry” and that’s how this original, but somehow still romantic shoot came to be. See more photos here.

I LOVE this. I want to steal it and put mine & Nick’s story on it, even though it would probably be a hell of a lot longer, with many more arrows.

This pretty bride threw a yellow cardigan on top of her Oscar De La Renta wedding dress! This makes me want to go out and buy a bright sweater to have for my little Betsey Johnson number incase it gets chilly that day. See more photos from this Virginia farm wedding here.

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