Mother’s Day, take 2!

May 10, 2015 § Leave a comment

My second Mother’s Day was fantastic! (Much better than my first.)


Nick got home from his week-long trip to London on Friday afternoon and spent the rest of the day with Henry and I. He also brought me peonies and British chocolate. Anything else that would happen would just be icing on the cake at this point!


Early Saturday afternoon, Nick filled in on bass for two songs with his friend’s band down the street, so I attempted to bring Henry in the Ergo, with his noise blocking baby headphone things. We hung at Saint Vitus for a bit, but unfortunately, his first show was not his dad playing. That’s okay. After Nick was done, we all went to the park as a family.


Today was a jam-packed, but perfect day of yoga, a quick morning visit from our friend Will, then Nick, Henry, and I took the East River Ferry to DUMBO.


Henry hadn’t ridden the boat since early last Fall, way before his new boat obsession, so he had a great time. He even got to stand out back with dad on the way there!


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we saw a POLICE BOAT!!! (Please excuse Hank’s sunscreen-filled, sweaty, Harry from Dumb & Dumber hair ;)


When we got to DUMBO, we took Henry to the cool pirate ship-themed playground to let out some energy. I realized I’d never been to this area of Brooklyn on a summer weekend before — it was so packed with people, mostly families, that it was like the Disney World of NYC! The name DUMBO had never been more appropriate.

After Henry got to watch trucks and the subway drive over the bridges, I got a Jacques Torres ice cream sandwich, and we saw enough people to make us want to hide in our apartment, we caught the ferry for a ride back home.

Thanks to Nick and Henry for a wonderful Mother’s Day. I’m so fortunate to be Henry’s mom and Nick’s wife!

10 Months with Henry

September 2, 2014 § 2 Comments


Happy 10 months, Henry – you’ve reached double digits!


Man, is this little guy moving. For the past month, he’s been getting faster at crawling all the time. Our apartment is just not big enough to satisfy his need for speed, so we’re very lucky to have an atrium and playroom downstairs. He’s in the children’s playroom in the photo above – a room with cushy carpeting and lots of toys. It’s so perfect for those times in the day where you have already been on 3 walks, you’re out of naps, and there’s still an hour before bedtime!


However, crawling has taken a backseat to STANDING. Henry loves to pull himself up on everything he can. The coffee table, the wall unit, hinges on doors, his crib, windows… He has been having a hard time napping because all he wants to do is stand or bounce up and down while standing in his crib! Sure, he’s fallen asleep sitting up before, but standing is a whole other story. For the past few weeks, when he actually takes a second nap, it feels like winning the lottery!


Speaking of sleep, it’s been so challenging for the past month! We had to sleep train him for the second time a few weeks ago when his pediatrician pointed out that the reason he doesn’t want to eat solids is because he’s snacking 1-3 times a night. Also, he now has 6 teeth and drinking milk all night is not good for them.

The first time we sleep trained him, he was 4 months old and it only took 2 nights. This time, it took 5. He is sleeping through the night now – he’s just waking up anywhere between 5:00 and 6:00 am. 6:00 is like sleeping in now! (UGH). Here he is, yawning with his Dad and Grandpa Storch!


Life is just so exciting!


We’ve taken the East River Ferry to DUMBO a few times where we check out a very cool nautical-themed playground between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, visit a bookstore, get chocolate, and found out that Shake Shack has a stroller express line!


The ferry is a GREAT place to meet ladies, or so Henry thinks. Also a great place to see some very big splashes out the window.


As Henry gets older and eats more solids, I’ve been able to leave him for longer periods of time. I had my first client meeting in the city a few weeks ago, and on Saturday, Nick and I actually had a sitter put him to bed (his first time without me!) so we could go to a wedding.


His current favourite foods include yogurt, strips of whole wheat toast, Cheerios, rice crackers, multigrain cereal with banana, apple slices, and sweet potatoes. Brooklyn Label is still his favourite restaurant.


I hope I don’t look too tired ;)


An All-Brooklyn Visit

February 21, 2013 § 1 Comment


Last weekend, our friends Julia and Jay came to visit! And you know what? We didn’t go into Manhattan ONCE!

Instead, we hung out in three different Brooklyn neighbourhoods, beginning of course, with Greenpoint for each of our brunches. We also took the East River Ferry to DUMBO, where Julia was very excited to get some treats from Jacques Torres.


Those cookies were SO GOOD!


We also spoiled ourselves with soaps and toiletries from West Elm Market before heading back North for dinner at Lokal. That night, all of us being very happily married thirty-somethings, we decided to stay in to watch a movie.

On Sunday, despite the chilly wind and freezing temperatures, we bundled up and went to Fort Greene to check out the indoor Brooklyn Flea.


It was a complete madhouse, but Nick and I found a few prints for our living room! We also enjoyed some treats in the basement food court, and you can’t help but appreciate the architecture of this old building.


Later that afternoon, I took Julia to my favourite store, Dalaga, where we both wanted the same bracelet. Obviously we had to have them and declare them “friendship bracelets”.


Before long it was time for them to leave again, but not without promises of another visit soon. Thanks for coming and enjoying a relaxing, yet productive, Brooklyn weekend with us, guys! xoxo


NYC + Brooklyn City Guide: To Do

August 2, 2012 § 1 Comment

1. Central Park – Manhattan

Central Park is my #1 recommendation for anyone visiting New York. It’s huge, beautiful, and like no park I’ve ever seen. Wander around the various paths, over footbridges, and visit the John Lennon tribute Strawberry Fields. See the reservoir, the zoo, the carousel, and in the winter, the skating rink.

2. New York Public Library (Main Branch) – Manhattan

Quite possibly the most beautiful library ever . This building feels like a castle. Even if you don’t borrow any library books, you’ll leave feeling inspired.

Bonus: this is where Carrie & Big’s wedding was set to be in the beginning of the Sex & The City movie.

3. DUMBO and the Brooklyn Bridge – Brooklyn

There’s something very special about this area of Brooklyn. It sits in the shadows of the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges and is filled with restaurants and shops in very old buildings, but has become a hotspot for creatives in NYC.

Wander the streets then go for a walk in the new Brooklyn Bridge Park. If you have a child with you or love nostalgia, visit Jane’s Carousel. Finally, walk over the Brooklyn Bridge into the City Hall neighborhood of Manhattan.

If possible, I highly suggest taking the East River Ferry there.

4. Art Galleries in Chelsea and The Highline – Manhattan

Chelsea is home to countless art galleries! If you’re into any sort of artist expression, there is surely a gallery right for you. My favourites are the Joshua Liner Gallery and the Jonathan Levine Gallery.

While you’re over there, check out the High Line, an elevated park built on an old railroad track.

5. Greenwich Village – Manhattan

Take a break from suffocating Soho and walk west to this breathtaking neighbourhood. So many beautiful brownstones, cute shops, and great places to eat. Daydream about living here while watching the young and hip parents cart around their adorable kids with ease!

If you’re a Sex & The City fan, see Carrie Bradshaw’s house at 64 Perry Street.

6. The Lower East Side – Manhattan

It’s amazing how different each neighbourhood can feel and look in New York. Even though CBGB’s is gone, a visit to the Lower East side will bring you back to the 1970s punk scene. Check out the bars, restaurants, and music venues. If you’re a carnivore, stop into Katz’s Deli (of When Harry Met Sally fame) for a pastrami sandwich stuffed with enough meat for three sandwiches.

7. Grand Central Station – Manhattan

The most beautiful train station I’ve ever seen in North America. Visit the Oyster Bar, the Whispering Gallery, and the Transit Museum and shop. Oh, and take lots of photos, especially of the ceiling!

8. Coney Island – Brooklyn

When I first started coming to New York, Nick would ask me what I wanted to do and (to his chagrin) my answer would always be visit Coney Island. It’s a bit of a trek by subway, but once you arrive it’s like a whole other world! Eat some junky carnival food, walk the boardwalk, dip your toes in the ocean, play at the carnival, and if you’re feeling brave, ride the Wonder Wheel or the Cyclone.

9. Times Square – Manhattan

As much as I hate it when I have to try and walk through Times Square, I have to admit it’s an amazing spot and definitely worth seeing at least once in your life. You don’t even have to go anywhere or do anything, just stand there and marvel at the scene!

10. American Museum of Natural History – Manhattan

The perfect way to spend a rainy day in New York. Feel like a kid again and take in all the exhibits here. You might even learn something! Don’t miss the giant blue whale.

Bonusmy first ever trip to New York!

{photos: Central Park 1,2, NY Public Library, Brooklyn Bridge, Art Gallery, Highline, Greenwich Village, LES 1, 2, Grand Central, Coney Island, Museum}

World’s Largest Rainbow Parade

April 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

What are you doing this Saturday? If you live in NYC, you should be taking part in Record Setter‘s attempt at the World’s Largest Rainbow Parade!

This event is free and open to people of all ages and will kick off in DUMBO’s Brooklyn Bridge Park at noon. Dress in your favourite colour of the rainbow and be prepared to march across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan behind a marching band, while dancing and waving flags.

You might remember my enthusiastic post about the Creative Mornings Rainbow Parade I participated in in November – well this one should be even better! I hope to see you there – I’ll be green :)

More info: Facebook event | Eventbrite Event | Rainbow Parade creator Jessi Arrington | Kickstarter

A Rainbow Parade!

November 12, 2011 § 5 Comments

On Friday morning, I took part in a rainbow parade!

No, it had nothing to do with gay pride, it was simply about colour. How did this happen? Well each month, I attend a breakfast lecture series called Creative Mornings. It’s my favourite Friday morning of the month because I wake up early and take the East River ferry down to DUMBO, sit in the gorgeous Galapagos Art Space, eat croissants, and meet new creative types. It’s the ultimate blah-buster.

Friday’s guest speaker was Jessi Arrington, artist and colour-lover. Everyone was instructed to dress in one colour (I was yellow) and we sat in groups with our fellow colour-wearers. At the end of her very cute and upbeat lecture, she informed us we were going to have a little parade around the neighbourhood, led by a marching band!

I had so much fun! The whole thing was so absurd, but well-organized and everyone really committed. On-lookers stopped in the street to take photos of the parade on their phones, cars honked at us, and office workers were pressed up against their windows to look down and watch our impromptu march.

I’m the “yellow” with the black hat. My new friend Emily is beside me in the big yellow wig!

We marched to the “hole” under the bridge and lit sparklers. Then we turned around to have a reverse-rainbow parade back to the venue. So many smiles for 9:30 am! But really, how could you not?

It had been way too long since I partook in something so silly. This needs to happen more often!

[Photos by Creative Mornings and Place Name Here]

Creative Mornings

April 18, 2011 § 3 Comments

I got up early on Friday morning to take the train to DUMBO to attend my first Creative Morning at the Galapagos Gallery, and I’m so glad I did! Despite the fact I almost walked in traffic on the BQE, then a late start after the rep from the gallery presumably slept in, the event was such a pleasure. I met a couple new friends while waiting for it to start, partook in their free coffee and pastries, and admired the beautiful insides of the gallery.

Illustrator Christoph Niemann was the speaker that day and entertained us with his tales of being a freelance illustrator in Berlin and made us laugh with his hand drawn slides. I loved his honesty and modesty and his attitude that you aren’t just born with this talent for being creative, it really does take a lot of work. I sure hope he’s wrong about yoga ruining your design career though.

Bonus moment: I met Joanna Goddard, the magazine writer and author of my favourite blog A Cup of  Jo, on the street after the event and she told me she liked my hair. Swoon!

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