Visa interview date secured!

March 25, 2010 § 1 Comment

Thank you very much to the people in charge of karma, as I finally received my visa interview date yesterday!

It’s not until the end of May, a mere 7 days before my fiancee petition expires (the American government really likes to keep me on my toes), so I am having my lawyer look into getting me back to New York in a couple weeks to spend just over a month with my sweetie, enjoying NYC in the Spring, and drinking beer at baseball games. The wait will go by much faster there, as I have used up all my patience in Canada. If everything works out as planned, Nick & I plan to fly back from New York straight to Montreal for the appointment.

I love progress! It’s not over yet though, so those of you who have had your fingers crossed for us, please retain the position!

(photo: Christina Miller – Wonderwheel @ Coney Island, July 2009)

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