Happy 2nd birthday, Henry!

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This past weekend, we got to celebrate Halloween and Henry’s second birthday!


Grandpa Storch made a special trip from Pennsylvania to celebrate with us and our little monkey. P1040156

Since Henry’s still a bit young for trick-or-treating (plus he doesn’t like candy), we spent the afternoon at Social Pants‘ Halloween party at Greenpoint’s McGolrick Park. They did a great job! We saw so many amazing costumes!


Including Henry’s Curious George, which we weren’t sure if he’d actually wear, but was a very good sport about putting it on for a few hours.


On Sunday, we had an apartment full of people for Henry’s birthday party.



Since all of his invited two year olds buddies besides little Zack couldn’t make it, it ended up being mostly adults, plus Henry’s BFF, 8 year old Caylan, and 2 month old Eloise. It was a nice balance though – very manageable! P1040187

Henry handled being serenaded with the birthday song from about 20 people very well and enjoyed eating just the strawberry from the top of his birthday cupcake.


This gift-giving event was the most prosperous to date in Henry’s short life. Our apartment is officially covered in trucks of all types and sizes! Here he is, eating his dinner after the party with his new bulldozer.


Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate, and loved ones who made that extra effort to send Henry their best wishes in the mail. We love you! Here’s to our third year of #DailyHank!

A Quick Solo Trip To Toronto

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This weekend, I took my second solo trip since Henry was born! I flew to Toronto Saturday morning and enjoyed reading, eating, and listening to music – basically a trip to the spa compared to flying with a small child ;) Untitled

I arrived downtown Toronto around 1:30 and met Sarah and Julia for a late lunch at Fresh, of course. Then they took me to a few cute new shops around Queen & Roncesvalles, including North Standard Trading Post. I’d been meaning to get Henry one of their cute hoodies and treated myself to a few things as well including one of Tami Noa Levy‘s provincial animal series prints.


Sarah hosted a few lady friends at her new house for cheese and snacks before we all headed out to dinner at Burdock. Her and Phil’s new place is very cute and the cheese was delicious! It was great to see more examples of the homes my friends are starting to own in Toronto because Nick & I are getting very used to the idea (and starting to plan) how to do the same thing in a year or two!



After dinner, we headed down the street to Bar Neon where Mike, Rob, and Tristan came to meet up with us. P1030769_2


Although it was only one afternoon and evening of spending time together, I appreciate any time I get to hang out with some of my favourite people in the world. Especially one pregnant Sarah Curtis! That night, my sister Jenn came to meet me for a sleepover at my hotel and although I didn’t get back there til 11:30, we still stayed up for a few hours chatting. I’ll take whatever I can get!


The next morning, I met my brother Ryan for breakfast at The Beast. After eating the giant plates of food and maple bacon donuts, I agree that it is aptly named!


After I left Ryan, I made one last attempt to enjoy the weak Canadian dollar before I went to the airport to fly home. Let’s just say, I am set for both yoga shorts and Canadian Dairy Milk for a while!


It was really nice to get away, even for just one night, but also wonderful to return home to these two guys. I got the best Henry hugs ever when I walked in the door!

See you again soon, Toronto!

2014 Thankful List

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I’m so fortunate that I get to celebrate Thanksgiving twice this year! In preparation for this 4-day weekend, here’s a little list of what I’m thankful for these days.

MY PARENTS, who have always been there for me. They may be far away, but my Mom and I text every day. Every time we visit, they spoil us. I can’t wait to get back to see them for Christmas!

MY SISTER, JENNIFER, and her big, amazing family. She is such an inspiration to me as a mom – if she can handle four kids, surely I can handle one!

MY BROTHER, RYAN, and his wife, Suzanne. We always have interesting conversations when we’re together and Ryan keeps giving me giant Dairy Milk bars! Suzanne has also been sweet enough to visit us twice in NYC the past year.


FRIENDS – especially those with kids! (They just get it!) Seriously though, we have a few wonderful good friends – both here and in Canada – and we love them so much.

HENRY’S BABYSITTER, VALERIE. I’m so happy that I found such a cool lady whom with I can trust what is most important to me. I’m also very thankful I haven’t had to trim Henry’s nails in months – she does it without me even asking! ;)

MY ASHTANGA PRACTICE. Although I’ve gone from practicing at my studio 4 times a week to once a week, I am grateful to have such a portable way of keeping my mind and body in check. I may not have been able to progress much this year, but I have definitely maintained my practice and I know I will get back to working on it when I am able to.

HENRY. You all know this little joker. As my yoga teacher Alana likes to say, Henry is now my practice. He’s taught me many things over the past year and challenged me like no one else has ever been able to. I love him more and in a different way than I’ve ever loved anything before. I’m so thankful he’s come into our lives.

MY HUSBAND, NICK, who amazes me on a regular basis on how thoughtful he is. He is always thinking of Henry and I, and works hard to keep our marriage in shape. He’s handsome, smart, and funny. I could go on, but I’ll just say after 7 1/2 years, I’m still madly in love.

Happy 1st birthday, Henry!

November 2, 2014 § 2 Comments


Today we celebrated Henry and his first year with us!

We weren’t sure if we should have a birthday party for a one year-old, but I’m so glad we did. It was a great chance to get a few of his closest friends and family together. We ate cupcakes and snacks, watched a “greatest hits” slideshow of Henry’s first year, played a game of “who does Henry look like more?” (no one could pick just Nick or I – I think they didn’t want to choose a side!), and just enjoy each other’s company.


His Grandpa Storch came to visit for the whole weekend and brought him three exciting new toys.


The Vastanos arrived in (plaid) style with their adorable dudes.


Henry with his first love, Annie, and his love of the day, an empty Vitamin Water bottle.


Rocco and Henry, sharing the cheddar bunnies.


Rocco approves of his BFF’s new toys.


Unckie Paul even came over!


But Henry still does not like to be sat on the couch with a camera in his face.


His beloved sitter, Valerie, and her son came by. Henry wanted her to carry him around for the rest of her visit.


The tiniest party animal, Royce V.





I was so proud (and surprised) that Henry was sung happy birthday to, got cake smooshed in his face, and then laughed at, without any tears! What a good sport.


Happy birthday to Henry, the little boy (no longer baby) who brings us all so much happiness. He continues to challenge me to be a better person every day. I always knew I wanted to be a mom, but I never knew how amazing it would be until Hank happened. I love you, Henry. Happy happy birthday.

Bonus: Incase you feel like reminiscing (I do!), here’s Henry’s birth story.

TURF Festival and Toronto Visit

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Nick and I flew up to Toronto for two days this past weekend for what would be our last trip home before Henry comes. Since it was such a short trip and we were actually going so that Nick could see some bands that he works with, we stayed downtown the whole time, which was a nice change.


Despite a delayed flight, a fight against traffic to get from the airport, and waiting for an hour to check into our hotel, we made it to Fort York’s Garrison Commons for the first ever Toronto Urban Roots Festival.


We saw one of Nick’s favourite clients, Frank Turner, play plus Matt Mays & El Torpedo, and a few others. The best part for me was seeing all the Canadian music industry friends I hadn’t seen in quite some time. It was overwhelming having my ex-coworkers and all the other great people there, each one a surprise to run into! One of the best moments: Nick telling me how much he loves to watch me interact with “my people”. Ha!


I also ran into some friends like Alex and her cute little family. Her daughter, Addie, is Frank Turner’s #1 fan.


On Sunday, we got lunch with Julia, Jay, and Karen at our favourite spot. Then I headed back to TURF without Nick to meet up with friends, even though the sky looked threatening…

photo 3

I got there in time to see Yo La Tengo and meet up with Alex, Jana, Sarah, and more (thanks to Sarah for the photo!) We got in some hangs before the skies opened up.



That night, we headed to Lee’s Palace to see Frank Turner, Northcote, and Larry & His Flask. You may ask “Hey wait a minute, aren’t you nearly six months pregnant? Where did you find the energy to do all of this, plus attend a wedding on Friday night?” Well, I was just so excited to see as many people as possible that I pushed on through two days of festivals and two nights of club shows. By 9:30 on Sunday night though, my belly felt strained from yelling over loud music and I was getting a headache so I sent myself home.

Sadly, I didn’t get to see everyone I hoped to, but I didn’t want to hurt myself. I had such a great time there though, and I’m so glad we got back home to Brooklyn before the massive storm and flooding from Monday night!

I love you, Toronto! The Storches will be back when we can.

A Visit + A Baby Shower

June 24, 2013 § 1 Comment


Last week, I flew up to the Toronto area to spend 6 days with my family. This was my last long trip to Canada, while I’m still allowed on planes.

I spent two days with my sister and her family in Oshawa, and the second of those two was my first ever shower (besides, you know, the kind with water)! Jenn and my Mom threw me a baby shower where a few family members and some of my best friends came to play games, eat food, and visit with me. Since I don’t like being the center of attention, I wasn’t sure how it would be, but I loved it. It was so great to have some of my most favourite people all together in one room to celebrate my baby-to-be.


I was so happy to finally meet my friend Joe and Dori’s adorable son, Rowan…


…who was, strangely enough, dressed exactly the same as my nephew Ben.


Thanks to everyone who came out, especially the boys who hung around and waited for the BBQ to start!


Of course, Julia couldn’t leave without us taking belly photos. I can’t believe she only has two months to go!


I spent Monday to Friday at my parents’ cottage in Fenelon Falls. It was mostly pretty chilly, but we had a few nice sunny days (perfect for building chipmunk houses with Grandpa).


My Grandparents came to visit and stayed for a campfire and sleepover. My Grandpa got wild and spit sambuca into the fire. My Dad called him Gene Simmons.

My family really is the best. Thanks for a great visit, everyone!

Canada in March

March 17, 2013 § 1 Comment

On Wednesday, I flew to Toronto to visit my family and friends!


My first stop was my parents’ cottage on Burnt River in Fenelon Falls.


It’s always nice to start my visit here, with just my parents. We eat and talk and go about our usual business and I pretend I live there for a few days.


It was pretty cold and snowed every day, but Mom and I still went out for ice cream. Kawartha Lakes is known for its dairy, you know.



On Friday, everyone met at my sister’s house in Oshawa, including Nick who flew in that morning, my grandparents, and my brother & his wife. Ben and Jillian were excited to show off their new pet guinea pigs…


…and Ben was in love with his new bamboo plant (for some reason).


Ben, who once had a speech delay, has become unbelievably chatty and keeps his poor sister awake all night. She actually left everyone to have a nap by herself in the middle of the afternoon.


He could pass for my child, no?


Nick and I spent the night at the Martin’s. Have I mentioned that the kids love Uncle Nick?


They really do.

That afternoon, to make the final stop in my Canadian tour, we took the train into Toronto. I was so happy to spend that evening with 8 of my favourite Torontonians! We had a quintuple date at The Emerson. Great call for a place to have dinner, Julia! We sat at a giant table in the front of the restaurant like it was made just for us and ate some delicious food.


I love these guys so much; it’s always such a tease to see them for just one night. I love that they’re always there when I’m in town though, even though I’d like to just steal them all to live in New York with me. Another cottage weekend this summer, ladies? Gowns!!!

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