Music Monday

April 4, 2011 § 2 Comments

The Raveonettes:
Raven in the Grave

I love me some noise-rock and The Raveonettes never disappoint. Despite the seasons changing and the weather warming, they’re calling their new record Raven In The Grave “the perfect winter soundtrack” – luckily these gems can be enjoyed any time of the year.

Listen to “War in Heaven”
Buy from Insound


Rooftops and Shingles

March 19, 2011 § 1 Comment


Friday was my last day working for Insound. They were a sweet company to work for, my co-workers were great, and I enjoyed the 10 minute walk of a commute, but I didn’t feel as though my full potential was being required of me to do the job I was working. Also, the position was destroying my legs. I consider myself to be pretty in-shape as a regular visitor of my gym and an avid practicer of yoga, but the constant bending down, climbing stepladders, lifting, squatting, etc. for 8 or 9 hours a day really got to my joints. I am now on anti-inflammatory meds for my knees and hips and taking glucosamine twice a day. Crazy right? Just wait, it gets weirder – I also probably have shingles. I thought only old people got shingles, but apparently not. Once you have the chicken pox, it lies dormant in your system for the rest of your life. A weakened immune system or other injury usually brings it out in the form of shingles. Mine aren’t too bad right now – just two patches of four spots each on my ribs and stomach – they’re just a little itchy sometimes. I really hope they don’t get worse because I’m headed to Toronto for a visit on Tuesday. I will be going back to the doctor Monday to confirm shingles is what I actually have so I can start to treat it.


Last night, following my last day of work, a couple buds from Insound celebrated with me in the form of rooftop beers. The building has an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline and the rest of Greenpoint. Later, one of my best ladyfriends, Kate, came to Greenpoint to meet me for huge burritos and I had to share the rooftop skyline with her too.


So once again I’m technically unemployed, but I have many projects TBA including a part time job as a personal wedding assistant. More to come later, friends!


February 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Oh, hey there.

Sorry I’ve been pretty bad at keeping my New Year’s goal of blogging at least every other day. It seems that succeeding in every goal you set for yourself to accomplish in a year is much easier when you are unemployed. I’ve been pretty busy working for Insound, trying to find the energy and strength to go to the gym or yoga afterwards, doing some freelance design, attempting to ignite some new projects, then spending the remaining time with Nick and friends, and so unfortunately, writing is taking the backseat. Which is sad and I’d like to put this drought to an end. So, I know it’s not much, but here’s the latest thing I’ve written. As a full-time employee, I am now subject to contribute blog entries to the Stuff We Like page. Check out my blurb on the new Mogwai here!

photo: Maffashion

The Insound Design Store

October 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

This is something I’ve been helping with that I think is going to be really cool. Come by Insound’s Design Store this weekend – I’ll be there hanging out tomorrow night for the kick off!


For three days only, Insound will open a temporary gallery offering Insound’s best selection of music products, including:
• our most beautiful silk-screened concert posters
• the best band t-shirts from our extensive collection
• turntables and headphones
• a selection of our favorite vinyl albums.

The Insound Design Store will be open at 201 Mulberry Street for three days, beginning Friday, October 8th until Sunday, October 10th. Store hours are 10am to 10pm.

Each night (October 8th, 9th, 10th) from 7-10pm, in conjunction with The Fader, The Insound Design Store will host special guest DJs for your listening pleasure, plus complimentary beverages from Tiger Beer.

Design Store DJ’s:
October 8th: Nick Zinner (from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
October 9th: Kip and Peggy (from The Pains of Being Pure at Heart)
October 10th: Fred Armisen (from Saturday Night Live)

Hope to see you there! No RSVP required!

A couple things…

August 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

New York is enjoying some much-needed rainstorms today and Nick and I are inside, lounging on the couch, being happy to be inside and in each other’s company (even if he is watching baseball and I am blogging ;)

Here’s a couple posts from around the web I think you’ll enjoy.

Super cute (and detailed) desserts!

Confused by the hearsay of what Facebook Places really is and if you should partake in this new application? Read this interesting and informative article.

Insound’s 10 For 10 design series features t-shirts and posters from bands such as Broken Social Scene with original art by Sonnenzimmer.

Dark chocolate milk? Get into my fridge!!

I love it when bands put original and eye-pleasing designs into their branding, like Arcade Fire’s new record design & totebags.

[photo above from Once Wed]

Insound: t-shirt spotlight

April 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

Insound, online music retailer extrordinaire, is having a week-long sale that gives you 20% off all t-shirts and posters, so I decided to take advantage and pick up a couple for myself today, including this Radiohead t-shirt and this Land of Talk t-shirt. I also finally picked up a limited edition Vinyl is Forever sweatshirt and a good part of the reason I did is because it’s freakin’ freezing out there today! As soon as I found this in the warehouse, I put it on top of the clothes I was already wearing and instantly felt better. Good enough, in fact, to march right across the street afterwards and buy some craft beer from Brouwerij Lane. I sense another great night in! (Last night Nick and I watched Fantastic Mr. Fox in bed, while eating popcorn and candy. I don’t know how we are going to top that, but I’m sure quality beer will help.)

First Days

July 16, 2009 § Leave a comment

The art gallery I was volunteering at went out of business last week. At first, I was pretty disappointed, even though I’d only been there just over a month. The fragility of their financial state was no secret; the curator would repeatedly tell us how bad it was. I was mostly saddened by the news because I felt I had just begun to develop a new routine and now I had to start over again. How frustrating!

Goodbye, art – hello again, music!

I managed to land a gig volunteering at a pretty popular indie music online retailer, whose offices are located a 10 minute walk away, in a fascinatingly decrepit old building that constantly smells of a paint/glue mixture I can’t quite put my finger on and has scary industrial-type bathrooms with little rocks sitting in the sink. Either this building was turned into offices by Brooklyn historians who wanted to preserve the working class mid-19th century feel or a bunch of men who just didn’t care.

Since I had been at my last job for 6 years, I hadn’t had a first day of work in a long time (besides the short-lived gallery experience, which was so laid-back, I’m not sure it should count) and I would always observe the new people with attentiveness on their first days, wondering what they thought of their new co-workers, the office space, the job, the general feel of their new daily routine. I kind of lived vicariously through them, maybe even envied them? No, I wouldn’t go that far, but it was a fun game to play. My first day was Tuesday. My first impressions were that the office space was this huge, open, square room in which nearly everyone worked with headphones on and no one really seemed to interact with each other. (Oh no!) I am presently working in “The Annex” which is where all the stock is kept for collection for orders. I am surrounded by records, CDs, DVDs, t-shirts, books, headphones, and other treasures. I am also surrounded by about 8 other interns, all younger than me, who seem to be in the teenage angst stage of life, despite no longer being teenagers. (Oh no squared!)

To make the high school feel even more obvious, it just so happened that I was wearing the same top as another girl, the self-appointed queen bee of sorts, who reminds me so much of a former co-worker in the way that she bosses around these young boys and they don’t know any better but to absolutely love it. Luckily, I am 27 and handled the shirt twin situation with humor. Phew!

Today was my second day. It was better as I volunteered to work out of The Annex and actually in the office on some track listings for the website. When I returned to Internland, a pimply, greasy-haired, bespectacled boy (in an way that was neither ironic nor hip) was trying to engage these grumbly kids into Philosophic conversations that only a few of them could reply to. I began to see even more humor in my situation.

After work, I accepted the invitation to hang out of the roof with a couple of the other interns. I decided that if I’m going to make the best of this, I’m going to need to be able to hang with these kids. I drank a plastic cup of cranberry cocktail and vodka with them and talked about records. The view was amazing.

The strangest thing about all this is that I feel like I’m being pulled in two different directions as far as maturity and lifestyle go. I’m playing housewife at home, but I’m hanging out with these kids 3 times a week. This will be interesting.

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