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Happy Friday! Do you guys have any awesome Fall weekend plans? My brother and his wife are in town so Nick and I will be meeting up with them. We’ll also be waiting for Henry to decide to arrive! It would be great if my brother’s trip coincided with him coming, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens…

Here’s what I’ve been enjoying this week online (besides last-minute labour and newborn care articles):

This dog will only ride in a car if you’re holding his paw.

19 Idiotic, but completely real, travel complaints.

I guess I have these to look forward to :\

Amazing kids’ Halloween costumes that they’re too young to understand.

New York + London: A Collection of Double Exposures

This guy’s Halloween costume efforts put us all to shame.

Laughing at people freaking out at a haunted house is the best.

[Illustration by João Lauro Fonte]

A quick trip to London

April 17, 2012 § 4 Comments


Nick and I spent a lovely long weekend in London, England! Flying out on Thursday morning, we arrived in the evening and quickly adjusted to the time difference. Flying makes the day feel 5 hours longer anyway! I was happy to eat some room service for dinner and drink the most delicious bottle of Heineken I’ve ever had then go to sleep. Those Europeans sure know how to make beer.


Nick had meetings on Friday morning and early afternoon, so after ordering some breakfast and doing a bit of work in the hotel room, I happily wandered the streets alone for a few hours. I felt very proud in remembering the area from last summer and never had the feeling that I was going to get lost. You see, my sense of direction when I was younger was horrific.




I wandered the streets of Picadilly Circus, taking photos and window shopping. The only thing I ended up buying, besides a stockpile of Cadbury chocolate of course, was the British version of 1Q84. Look at those cool black pages!


Was also tempted to buy this neat British pressing of the first Harry Potter book, but took a picture instead.


After that, I wandered some more until my feet hurt and I began to feel hungry. I had a very British lunch with some Earl Grey tea at Caffe Concerto. I ended up sitting beside two very chatty Polish women and laughed to myself that I could have just done this at home in Greenpoint, the biggest Polish neighbourhood in New York.


Friday night was the reason we were there – Frank Turner‘s headline date at Wembley Arena! Nick and I headed over there around 4pm to see everyone and make sure things were going smoothly. Everyone was in a great mood, a little anxious, but very excited. The show was being photographed and filmed for a documentary, so we got to see lots of photo ops, like this one. Can you spot Billy Bragg?


It was really cool to walk around the deserted floors of Wembley Arena, but after a couple hours, I was happy to have convinced Nick to leave for an hour to eat some Indian food for dinner. Yum!


The show was great. The fans were ecstatic to be there and responded to Frank’s every word.


The finale was the best part. Between the end of the set and the start of the encore, Frank ran off stage and got “Wembley Arena” and the date tattooed on his arm, the whole thing filmed and broadcast on the big screens to the crowd. Naturally, they went nuts and confetti cannons showered the entire arena.


Backstage later, the band was presented with framed gig posters and little glass trophies with their logo on it commemorating the show. We toasted with Veuve Clicquot and everyone’s great moods continued. It was so great to be there for such a moment!

The next day, Nick and I ventured up to do the only touristy thing I wanted to do on the trip:


See Abbey Road!



There were many other people there, doing the same thing as us and annoying traffic in order to get a photo, pretending to walk across the street where the cover of The Beatles’ Abbey Road was taken. Myself included!


I can now say I’ve been to one of the best music history landmarks ever! I wish my Dad could have been there too, but for now, these photos will suffice :)


A great trip, all in all. Short and sweet, just how I like it!

Edit: Thanks to Angela for sharing this link – Abbey Road Webcam –  watch Beatles fans prance across the crosswalk and take photos and see exactly what was happening around me as Nick took the photo of me crossing. Hilarious!

2011: A Year In Review

December 31, 2011 § 2 Comments

Happy New Year’s Eve! As Nick and I prepare to do our traditional New Year’s watching of “When Harry Met Sally” and make/share our lists of goals for 2012, it seems like a perfect time to look back on 2011. Even though this year seemed to fly by, so much happened!



– After the holidays, returned to work at Insound to find approximately a trillion online orders for the new CAKE album that had to be processed and sent out

– Met Ezra who was hired temporarily to help get the records sent out quickly. We realized we had a lot of the same musical taste and I declared him my New York Eli.

– It snowed and snowed and snowed

– I spent most of my mornings holding on to the iron gate below so I wouldn’t slip and fall on my way to work




– Nick and I attended our first New York Knicks basketball game, which was a ton of fun.

– We celebrated our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple at – where else? – Peter Luger!

– I changed positions at Insound from White Label to Fulfillment.




– The Japan earthquake and tsunami bummed me out

– After a few weeks at my new job, I started to experience serious leg pain. Turns out, my hips and knee joints were inflamed from over use. My body was very unhappy with my new job, working in a warehouse and running around all day. I started to get hives and thought I had shingles!

– Needless to say, I gave my resignation. I need legs more than I need discounted records.

– I planned a trip home to Canada the weekend after my last day at Insound. I needed some family, friend, and Canada time, big time!

– Coincidentally while in Toronto, my old employer of 6+ years, The Agency Group, was throwing themselves a 15th anniversary party! I was invited and of course I went.

– An old coworker from The Agency Group who now manages bands got a hold of me and hired me to do design, web, and social media for one of her clients, USS!

– I also started doing a freelance wedding planning assistant job for an older couple from New York



– By April, my freelance work was really coming along and keeping me busy. I stopped applying for other jobs.

– Experienced the best “April Fool’s Joke” ever – Elvis Costello playing three of his best songs before The Strokes hit the stage at Madison Square Garden!

– Nick and I moved into a fantastic new apartment, just one block away from our old one. Check out our sweet “box blinds” above!

– I attended my first of many Creative Mornings  in DUMBO

– Started doing Ashtanga yoga, instead of the usual Vinyasa, and fell in love with it. Have been practicing 2-4 times a week ever since.



Jenn at Babycakes

– Celebrated Cinco De Mayo with Kate and some Mexican wrestlers

– Nick and I discovered comedy shows at Caroline’s in Times Square. We saw Jim Jeffries, Bill Burr, and Whitney Cummings while eating dinner, sipping beers, and laughing. What a perfect night out!

– Kate & I continue our fun by attending a Seychelle’s party. We drink free vodka, eat a free dinner, then later pay $25 for a glass of champagne, justifying we would have normally spent more than that anyway!

– My sister, Jenn, comes to visit for a weekend. I take her to Babycakes for gluten-free treats, Risotteria for gluten-free dinner, then help this hard-working mom get drunk for the first time in 7 years on red wine!


Me & Angela


– My old roomie, Angela, comes to visit from San Francisco. We attend the opening of Jeremy Fish‘s art show, then a rooftop party in Chelsea.

– I attend Smorgasburg in Williamsburg and fall in love with all the food stands

– June’s Creative Mornings helps get me a few other jobs when I meet Mark from BCS Interactive while waiting for the lecture to start. We nerd out on fonts, design, and then he and his partner Lou hire me to do Social Media for some of their accounts.


The apple of his eye


Julia and Jay visit, Nick and I get to feed them all our favourite things. Of course, this includes another trip to Smorgasburg.

– Nick and I spend the 4th of July weekend in Lancaster, PA with Nick’s Dad

– Went to the beach in Long Island a few times and actually got a tan

– Nick and I fly up to Toronto, just in time to experience the hottest day ever! Luckily, we later go up to my parents’ cottage and swim in the river under the shady trees for relief.

– While in Toronto, we celebrate our first wedding anniversary





– Canada’s NDP Leader Jack Layton passes away

Courtney and Jesse move away to Atlanta

– In preparation for mine & Nick’s trip to Europe at the end of August, I read an entire guide book on Paris and create the most-organized and complete trip itinerary of my life.

– Attend limited-time dumpster pool party “The Palms” in Long Island City with Olivia.

– Nick and I travel to London, attend the Reading Festival, take the train to Paris, then back to London to fly home

– I read most of The Girl Who Played With Fire on the plane, train, and our Parisian balcony and decide there’s something to this novel series.



Jay and Julia's Engagement Fete-125

– Nick goes on his yearly “man beach trip” with his best friends so I decide to treat myself to a bonus Canada visit

– Get to attend Julia and Jay’s engagement party while in Toronto

– I manage to get a ticket to one of the unattainable, sold out in 31 seconds Radiohead shows in New York. Go to the show solo, but end up chatting with Rolling Stone’s David Fricke.




– We mourn the death of Steve Jobs

I turn 30, promptly get called a cougar

– Julia and her two other bridesmaids visit, I finally have an excuse to go to Lovely Bridal shop and watch her try on dresses

– I luck out and get another trip to Toronto! My fourth of 2011. It’s a quick one though, just two days, but still enough time to see two shows, friends, and a family dinner at a steakhouse.

– While we’re in Toronto, New York gets a freak snowstorm! The snow melts in approximately one day.



– Nick and I finally try out the Grand Central Oyster Bar

– I take part in a Rainbow Parade

– We finally get to see Louis CK do standup live during the New York Comedy Festival

– We spend Thanksgiving at home, celebrating with a trip to Central Park, another Jim Jeffries comedy show, and turkey tacos for dinner




– I realize now that I work freelance from home, I have no Christmas parties to go to! Then I get invited to The Agency Group NY’s party. Phew!

– Nick and I go to Lancaster for an early Christmas to visit his Dad. We scope out the mall, find Simpsons DVDs on sale at a music store, and the biggest assortment of gummi candy ever!

– We go see the Rockefeller Center tree a mere 3 days before Christmas and it’s a mob scene!

– Fly up to Canada for Christmas with the family. Spend 4 out of 5 days living in a cabin in the woods and have 5 moose keep us from being able to get to the grocery store.

How was your 2011? What was the best part?

Feeling nostalgic? Check out:

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September 7, 2011 § 3 Comments

Nick and I spent a total of four days in London during our European vacation. We arrived at our gorgeous hotel, the Mayfair, late Thursday night, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.


Then we had a late dinner downstairs in the lounge and that did us in – we were ready for sleep by the time we were finished! I had sweet dreams of the chicken curry and Peroni I inhaled.

By the next morning, we were on London time. We set out to get lunch and walk around Piccadilly Circus and SoHo (yes, London has one too) and took in the sights.





We were rained on four or five separate times, and during a particularly heavy rainfall, we took shelter in a tea shop.


Scones with cream and jam and assorted pastries – highly recommended!

Someone told us Michael Caine owned a restaurant just a few blocks from our hotel so naturally, we had to investigate, just incase he was hanging out there.


(He wasn’t, but his artwork was.)

Saturday, we met Nick’s friend Stella who works for Roadrunner Records for brunch. I told her I wanted to go somewhere very British and she took us to a pub she frequented for some real English fare.


We all got the vegetarian version of an English breakfast and Stella and I made sure to drink a pint with ours. When in Rome!

Of course after drinking a pint, I couldn’t walk around Islington for long without having to take a pee break. We found ourselves at a quaint spot called The Winchester. (Note: Stella tells me this may very well have been the place Edgar Wright named the pub after in Shaun of the Dead!)



This is what the backs of the chairs look like at the Winchester!

We took a bus back to our hotel from Islington instead of the tube, mostly because I wanted to ride a double decker bus, but also for the opportunity for an above ground tour of the city.





It amazed me how many people were on the street in Piccadilly Circus. It felt just like I was walking down Broadway in Noho/Soho in New York.


Although I found it strangely difficult to find a restaurant with a good beer selection, I did find that Stella Artois tastes better in London, especially when paired with fish & chips.


Next up – Paris!

London update

August 27, 2011 § 1 Comment

Nick and I spent yesterday walking around the Mayfair, Piccadilly Circus, and SoHo.

We were rained on three different times.

We stopped during one of the rain falls for afternoon tea and patisseries (such a good idea!)

We ate at Michael Caine’s restaurant for dinner. He wasn’t there.

I’ve discovered the only place to get a beer in this town is at a pub.


August 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

As our European trip comes ever closer, I find it’s all I can think about. In my spare time, I’ve been reading our Paris guidebook cover to cover, dreaming of the bread, pastries, wine and maybe even escargot I will be eating there, and researching the history of the amazing city. These two videos by Rick Mereki have me even more excited. Take a look – I bet you’ll get the travel bug too.

{via Swiss Miss}

Resolutions for a great Summer

June 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s officially the first day of Summer and I can’t stop thinking about all the plans I already have as well as all the Summer-like things I can’t wait to do!

Summer 2011:

– A gallery opening this Thursday with my old roomie

– 4th of July weekend visit from Julia & Jay as well as a visit to Lancaster, PA to see Nick’s Dad

– A Motley Crue concert in Long Island

– A Toronto/family cottage visit in July

– The celebration of our first wedding anniversary

– A long weekend in New Hampshire

– And of course, the highlight of my Summer, a trip to London and Paris!


I also hope to keep up my Summer-y mood with activities like reading in Central Park, bike rides with Nick, many visits to Smorgasburg, cold & delicious cocktails with girlfriends, meals on the roof, more visits to Long Beach, and swimming.

What are your Summer plans? Am I leaving out any obviously wonderful Summer activities?


[image: Kate Spade Blog]

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