Canada in March

March 17, 2013 § 1 Comment

On Wednesday, I flew to Toronto to visit my family and friends!


My first stop was my parents’ cottage on Burnt River in Fenelon Falls.


It’s always nice to start my visit here, with just my parents. We eat and talk and go about our usual business and I pretend I live there for a few days.


It was pretty cold and snowed every day, but Mom and I still went out for ice cream. Kawartha Lakes is known for its dairy, you know.



On Friday, everyone met at my sister’s house in Oshawa, including Nick who flew in that morning, my grandparents, and my brother & his wife. Ben and Jillian were excited to show off their new pet guinea pigs…


…and Ben was in love with his new bamboo plant (for some reason).


Ben, who once had a speech delay, has become unbelievably chatty and keeps his poor sister awake all night. She actually left everyone to have a nap by herself in the middle of the afternoon.


He could pass for my child, no?


Nick and I spent the night at the Martin’s. Have I mentioned that the kids love Uncle Nick?


They really do.

That afternoon, to make the final stop in my Canadian tour, we took the train into Toronto. I was so happy to spend that evening with 8 of my favourite Torontonians! We had a quintuple date at The Emerson. Great call for a place to have dinner, Julia! We sat at a giant table in the front of the restaurant like it was made just for us and ate some delicious food.


I love these guys so much; it’s always such a tease to see them for just one night. I love that they’re always there when I’m in town though, even though I’d like to just steal them all to live in New York with me. Another cottage weekend this summer, ladies? Gowns!!!

One year ago

February 7, 2013 § Leave a comment


It was a year ago today that my sister Jennifer gave birth to my nephew Everett. Sadly, he didn’t make it into this world alive.

Though the emotional toll it’s taken on my family and most of all, Jenn, has been rough, it’s inspiring to see how she’s handled the speed bump that plopped down into the middle of her life’s path. Jenn and I have always gotten along well, despite being very different people, I’ve always admired her, but I never knew how tough she could be. The way she and her husband, Ryan, have handled sharing their loss with friends and family is admirable. The way they’ve communicated to their son and daughter is just incredible. Jenn has never shied away from talking about what happened to her and as a result, Ben and Jillian, who are just five and three years old, talk about their brother often and fondly. Today, they celebrated Everett’s first “Angel Day” with cupcakes and by writing letters to him in heaven. What better way to celebrate a special life that’s impacted so many people, even though we’ve never met him?

I’ll be thinking about the Martins all day today and hope you will too.

Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2012 § 2 Comments

I think many East Coasters are having the exact same reaction as Nick this morning: “Oh yeah, it’s Halloween.”

It’s hard to get back in the Halloween spirit after the intensity of the last few days, but I think these pictures of my niece and nephew in Oshawa will help.


Feel better? Good.

Happy birthday

December 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

Happy birthday to my super cute, smart, funny, and amazing nephew, Ben who turns three today!

I can’t wait to see him in less than a week!

A second honourable birthday mention to my buddy Stephen Bowles :)

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