Wes Anderson Art Show in NYC

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For five years, I have been watching San Francisco’s Spoke Art Gallery put on annual Wes Anderson-themed art shows enviously. My favourite director PLUS really great art! When would I get the chance to see one??


Finally this weekend, they brought their sixth annual Wes Anderson art show to NYC at the Joseph Gross Gallery.

P1030801Needless to say, a babysitter was booked and I went to town on that show. P1030792P1030798

Such good company.


So many different mediums for appreciating the art in Wes Anderson’s movies!

P1030776P1030804P1030799P1030790I really wanted this fantastic print, but alas, it was sold out already. No matter… UntitledI bought these three instead! P1030808Also a “Deep Search” Life Aquatic ring. P1030782


I could have just moved in to this space and lived there, surrounded by so many of my favourite things.

Thanks, Spoke Art, for finally bringing your Bad Dads show to New York and giving me an indisputable reason to go out on a Friday night!

Another one escapes NYC!

February 25, 2015 § 1 Comment

Kate and I

New York is losing a wonderful collection of people to Nashville today – my good friends Kate and Bryan and their “menagerie”.


Kate and I met in person in 2007 during my first visit to New York. We both worked for The Agency Group and I wanted to check out their office while I was in town. We began to see each other at shows, festivals, and bars when I was in town, and once I moved here, she was one of just two friends I had (not counting Nick, of course).


As twenty-somethings, we would plan nights of dining at tacky-but-tasty Indian food restaurants then tour the bars of the East Village for PBR and Jager specials. That morphed into trying to find Manhattan’s hidden speakeasies and sipping fancy cocktails.

N_C_Wedding-9909 copy

We started to become actual “adults”. We saw each other get married – they even asked me to be their wedding photographer!



Then we were fortunate enough to be pregnant together, Kate just a few months ahead of me, and discovered that trading drinks for dessert was the way to go. (One evening at Eataly, we had gelato after dinner and both wondered out loud “What have we been doing? This is much cheaper and more delicious!”)



The past two years have been a mix of family get togethers and one on one visits. The 5pm Sunday dinner at Brooklyn Label with 4 adults and 3 young children became our new favourite tradition.


No matter what the activity (or stage of pregnancy), Kate was always fun. Always positive, rational, kind, outgoing, and welcoming. Kate and Bryan have been parenting role models to Nick and I – we have been lucky to have them 5 months ahead of us in child rearing and love to hear how they handled the sticky situations we currently face.


Rocco and Royce (and Ponch, Gucci, and Gambino) are fortunate to have such great parents, who care so much about them that they wanted to leave this remarkable city to bring them up in a proper house with a yard, two cars, and less pollution. New York will miss them all, but the city understands it presents some serious challenges for families (who aren’t millionaires ;)

Good luck to the Vastanos – I’m sure we will head south to visit you sooner than later!

This Week In Links

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tumblr_msvbsvWJd31qz6f9yo2_1280After realizing I start many of my conversations with “I just read an article” or “I just saw this online” for the past year or so, I thought that I should start sharing the interesting things I come across on the internet with all of you. Each week, I’ll post the links I found share-worthy. I hope you’ll find them interesting too!

Photos and video of Migaloo the Albino Humpback Whale blew me away. He’s so friendly!

Very helpful gifs for anyone who’s going to visit (and survive) NYC.

The most exciting news of the week.

If you are about to rip your eyes out and ears off at one more mention of Miley Cyrus, then this is for you.

These skeletons from the catacombs of Rome are amazing.

For the techies: Why Cards Are The Future Of The Web.

You’ve heard about me attending Creative Mornings in Brooklyn for the past couple years now – with their new website, you can watch all the talks from around the world. Get inspired!

We just ordered these for Henry’s room.

But we’ll have to wait a few years before we can dress him in this.

Word nerds rejoice!

If Famous Writers Had Instagram.

There’s always money in the banana stand

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Part of Arrested Development’s debut on Netflix streaming includes clever marketing events like this Frozen Banana Stand that is traveling across the country. The stand was giving away free chocolate-covered frozen bananas and supposedly the actors from the show were supposed to be hanging around.


Unfortunately, when Annie and I got there at 3:00, we waited in an enormous line for about 25 minutes then they ran out of bananas.


Womp womp. But that’s okay – all I really wanted was a photo with the stand and to check out the scene…


…It was also easy to cheer ourselves up with a visit to the Magnolia Bakery across the street.

Material Pleasure

February 26, 2010 § 4 Comments

Today through Sunday at Dalaga in Brooklyn, you can receive 10% off when you purchase a spring jacket and a dress. If I were home in Greenpoint right now, I can guarantee you not only would I be taking advantage of that deal, but I’d probably be walking away with a couple other items as well.

I love this tiny wooden play set of New York! It’s also pretty decently priced at only $14 online, but I’m going to wait until I get back to NYC and head over to Muji to pick one up for my apartment. They also have models of Tokyo, London, and Paris.

I have yet to venture into Toronto’s Coriander Girl, but the shop that boasts both flowers and antiques sounds lovely. I have really gotten into flowers the past couple years and am currently keeping a lookout for the perfect wedding bouquet to take to NYC City Hall with me. I may need to meander in to this shop tomorrow and record ideas in my brain.

Amy Sol’s “Garden Nest” is beautiful. The painting will be on display at the David B. Smith Gallery which opens on Friday, February 19th and runs through March 20th.

Material Pleasure (and things to look at for free)

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Amazing photos from the National Wildlife Federation’s 2009 photo contest.

Gorgeous New York designer Alexandra Grecco.

Daydreaming about hiring this Los Angeles photographer to photograph my eventual wedding.

Loving these Fjall Raven backpacks.

I am going to sign up for the next online class at 503 Photography.

Ryan Jacob Smith’s prints include those with outlines of America, with the messages “Sorry” and “We’re Totally Fucked”. Awesome.

Oh, Valentine’s.

February 14, 2010 § 4 Comments

I never cared much for Valentine’s Day, in fact, the first couple relationships I had ended shortly before this Hallmark holiday so I had a pretty bad couple of first impressions. Now that I have Nick, things are different, but only in the way that I look forward to spending the day together, not in the way that I expect a big to-do about the whole thing. It’s nice to know you have someone special if you’re going to be bombarded with Valentine’s commercials and sales and it’s especially lovely that we sorted it out so he came up to visit this weekend so the two of us didn’t feel alone together on this potentially trying day.

Nick and I will have been together for three years this May, this means we’ve had three Valentine’s together so far. Let’s review:

Thurs. February 14, 2008
Since it was a Thursday, we weren’t together for our first international day of romance. I believe he came to visit the next night, but I do remember that he sent roses to my office and I got to be that girl all the single ladies were jealous of for a day.

Sat. February 14, 2009
I flew to New York for the weekend. The night before, the “Friday the 13th” remake came out in theatres and we thought it would be fun to go on a double date with Courtney and Jesse to see it. We went to a theatre in Times Square. Bad idea. It was the worst movie-going experience any of us ever had. The guys in the row behind us were drunk, still drinking, kicking our seats, and yelling things like “yo, you’re a track star!” at the screen literally every 60 seconds. We had fun in the back of the cab on the way home to make up for the horrible night. The next day, we went to Peter Luger’s for burgers, bacon, and cheesecake, then went shopping to work off the food.

Sun. February 14, 2010
Nick flew to Toronto Thursday night. We spent one night in a hotel room and came back to the suburbs the following afternoon. Had dinner with my parents, sister, and her kids on Friday night and watched my dad’s band play at a bar in Bowmanville. Spent Saturday alone, cuddling, relaxing, drinking tea, and watched The Hurt Locker. Not the ideal romantic movie, but a quality film nonetheless. I romanced him with my breakfast wraps this morning and now he’s on his way back to NYC. Oh, did I mention I got in a funny creative mood and made him a “valentine” out of the photo booth picture above and glitter?

Last year we decided on Peter Luger’s as our V-Day tradition. I hope to rekindle that one next year!

I just made myself really hungry.

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