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July 27, 2012 § 1 Comment

Of course there are countless food options in New York (especially when you’re exploring both Manhattan and Brooklyn), but I’ve managed to pare it down a little with my current Top Ten Places To Eat. Enjoy!

1. Paulie Gees – Pizza, Brooklyn

Hands down the best pizza I’ve eaten in my life. And I’ve eaten a lot of pizza.

Bonus: Paulie himself plays host every night. He walks around the restaurant with his coffee mug, asking how your pizzas are, what you ordered, and where you’re from. He loved it the time I brought 5 Canadian girls in for dinner.


2. Eataly – Italian, Manhattan

A huge Italian grocery store, owned by super-chef Mario Batali, smack dab in the middle of Manhattan. You can choose one of the many cafes in the store to eat at – including pizza, pasta, fish, gelato, meat, and vegetarian restaurants – and you can buy some pasta, bread, or sauce to bring home with you!

Tip: go on a weeknight. It’s much less busy.

3. Five Leaves – Cafe, Bar, Oysters – Brooklyn

Surrounded by hype and sometimes line-ups of hipsters waiting to get in, Heath Ledger was one of the restaurants’ first investors. Go early and enjoy one of their tasty gin cocktails. My favourite meal so far is the Atlantic Char, but I’m working my way up to the Five Leaves Burger! (Pictured above.)

4. San Loco – Mexican, Manhattan & Brooklyn

This spot is almost fast food, but still way beyond Taco Bell. Get a Guaco Loco – a hard taco, wrapped in a soft taco shell, held together with guacamole. Beans or catfish are my favourite. Enjoy with a Corona or, if you’re feeling saucy, a frozen margarita!

5. Dos Caminos – Mexican, Manhattan

When you find yourself in the Union Square/Gramercy Bermuda Triangle of not knowing where to eat, settling on this chain is actually a pretty decent bet.

My favourites: sangria and their great guacamole!

6. Peter Luger Steakhouse – Steakhouse, Brooklyn

This is a steakhouse the serious meat lover. Go here and feel like you’re a New York mobster. Have waiters ask you “how much steak you want?” instead of giving you a menu. If you aren’t so keen on spending a small fortune on meat, I actually prefer their burgers. BEST BURGERS EVER. But be warned, they are only available at lunchtime. Finish off with cheesecake.

Tip: Make a reservation, even for lunch.

7. Juliette – French, Brooklyn

“A Taste of Paris in Brooklyn”. My favourite brunch spot in Williamsburg. Very cute decor with a pseudo-patio you can enjoy in any weather.

8. Smorgasburg – Food Stands, Brooklyn

This is a food festival to end all food festivals. Best of all, it takes place every Saturday from about May to October. Eat everything from anchovies to BBQ to donuts to roti to pupusas. Go ahead and eat three lunches then dessert!

9. Sidewalk Cafe – American, Manhattan
A good staple, perfect for meeting friends for dinner and drinks after work. With a 2-for-1 Happy Hour, you can get a little tipsy with your tasty meal for about $20!

10. Anywhere you can get a good New York bagel!

These aren’t your store-bought bagels, they’re chewy, salty, hearty, and soooo delicious.

My favourites: Murray’s Bagels, Baker’s Dozen, but of course there are many more throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. Get the whole experience and slap some lox on that bagel along with your cream cheese! Yum.

I boarded Platform 9 3/4

November 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Yesterday was my last day off during the week for at least a few months, as I have been taken on for the Christmas season at Insound! To celebrate, I made sure to take full advantage of the glory that is week days off by doing a large holiday grocery shop, before heading to the city to finalize our wills with Nick**, then I headed down to Union Square to see the new Harry Potter movie. As I’m a huge fan of the books, this was really the highlight of my plans for the day, even overshadowing the Bob Dylan show Nick and I went to afterward.

Going to the movies alone is quite an experience. It was only my second time doing this, but I did it up right. After I got my ticket, I headed over to Toasties and got my favourite veggie sandwich and a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie to eat during the movie, both because the movie is 2 1/2 hours long and because this would likely serve as my dinner.

The movie did not disappoint. I am still deciding, but I think yesterday The Deathly Hallows just kicked The Order of the Phoenix right out of my personal top HP movie’s spot. I almost want to brave the horrendous New York City movie crowds*** to see it again. Almost.

Coincidentally, the subway stop my theatre was closest to has been subtly Harry Potter-ified: some creative fan slapped a 9 3/4 sticker on top of the now-defunct W line in Union Square!  Photo above from NY Daily News.


**Immigration note: did you know if you’re not an America citizen and you live in America, even if you’re married to a person and they die, you are entitled to nothing? Get a will made!

*** New York City inhabitants: when did you lose all your common courtesy when it comes to other people at the movies? When the real previews start, that’s when it’s time to stop talking. Whispering is tolerated, but when the movie starts, you had better shut up. Also, stop checking your cellphones. When it’s totally dark, we can easily see your iPhone flicker back on. Just relax and turn yourself off for 2 hours. You paid $13 to do so, afterall.

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