Jay and Julia

January 26, 2013 § 1 Comment

The Deakin-Gordon wedding may have happened four months ago, but their fantastic wedding photographer (and I mean seriously talented) Rick O’Brien just posted a summary of the events on his blog with photos yesterday. When Julia showed me his previous work, I knew the photos would be great, but seeing them finished yesterday blew me away. It’s great to see that Rick managed to show the absolute beauty that radiated through this entire wedding with his photos.


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Julia and Jay Get Married

September 11, 2012 § 3 Comments

Saturday September 8 was the best day of the summer. Possibly the best day of the year. Definitely the best day of Julia and Jay’s lives. It was the day these two lovely, brilliant, loving people got married.


The day started out with hair and makeup at the bridal suite at the Ivy Hotel.


What a gorgeous hotel!


Us ladies were soon joined by Rick the super wedding photographer.


After much primping, we were finally ready! But first, some shots of Julia in her dress before we leave for the church.


The most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen? Yes.


The ceremony and reception were both held at the Berkeley Church. The ceremony was beautiful. Obviously there are no photos from me (yet!) as I was lucky enough to stand up for Julia. The best part? When Julia started to get choked up saying her vows. Cathy, the maid-of-honour, was ready with a tissue for Julia, but Jay took out his handkerchief and gently dabbed away her tears. That’s the moment we all lost it and succumbed to our tears of joy for these sweeties.

After the ceremony, the wedding party had a little photo shoot then got to relax and mingle in the courtyard with the guests. It was so fun to see all of my friends all dressed up!

After a short while, we all headed back into the venue for the reception. After the bride, groom, and wedding party were announced, we sat down to dinner. Following dinner, Julia and Jay had surprises for each other.


Jay serenaded Julia with a Johnny Horton love song and Julia played Jay a surprise video she made for him. Did I mention this is a talented couple?


Nick didn’t get to sit with me since I was at the head table, but his seat was right behind mine at a table full of friends. I’m so lucky!



Our place cards were written on the back of Tattly temporary tattoos! Heart badges that read “loved”.


Paul did a great job as MC! He even got us to make barnyard animal noises between toasts.


We all had fun playing in the photo booth.

Photo booth!


Before long, the entire wedding turned into a giant dance party.




Oh look, it’s the best man in a beaver hat.


I think Julia had a good time.

P1010828 P1010839

All in all, a fantastic day. I was so happy to be part of the wedding, even though I no longer live in Toronto. Can I tell you how hard it was to leave the wedding that night, surrounded by some of my best friends in the world? Very hard! What wonderful people I have in Canada.


Congratulations again, Julia and Jay! Enjoy your honeymoon in Belize and your first week of married life! xo

One year

July 22, 2011 § 2 Comments

N_C_Wedding-9840 copy

Happy first wedding anniversary to my handsome, smart, and silly (but only for me) husband.

I can’t believe it’s been a year since we were married at City Hall, walked the entire Brooklyn Bridge, and then went bowling.

Relive the day here and here.

Wedding Photos

October 11, 2010 § 7 Comments

Hey! We finally got our professional wedding photos back!

N_C_Wedding-9534 copy

N_C_Wedding-9543 copy

N_C_Wedding-9584 copy

N_C_Wedding-9589 copy

N_C_Wedding-9703 copy

N_C_Wedding-9712 copy

N_C_Wedding-9721 copy

N_C_Wedding-9745 copy

N_C_Wedding_Color-9729 copy

N_C_Wedding-9758 copy

N_C_Wedding-9791 copy

N_C_Wedding-9800 copy

N_C_Wedding-9872 copy

N_C_Wedding-9893 copy

N_C_Wedding-9905 copy

N_C_Wedding-9909 copy

N_C_Wedding-9915 copy

Christina + Nick Storch

Married Thurs. July 22, 2010 at City Hall in Manhattan

Lunch reception at the City Hall Restaurant | after party at Bowlmor Lanes and Carnival

Photos by Jesse Brown

See more photos and a play-by-play of the day here!

A couple internet goodies

August 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

My adorable and stunning friends Will & Meriwether got married this past June in Texas. Sadly, Nick and I missed the party because of immigration madness, but their wedding photos just surfaced today and they’re definitely worth sharing.

See more on Our Labor of Love

In other news, the talented Joanna Goddard is subletting her apartment in the West Village for Labour Day weekend. Do you have plans to visit NYC this September? You could be the lucky tenant

Stay tuned for photos and details from our Chicago trip to Lollapalooza this past weekend.

Some of my favorites

May 25, 2010 § 2 Comments

For those of you who don’t know, Joanna Goddard and Max Wanger are some of my favorite online personalities. Joanna runs the blog A Cup Of Jo and Max Wanger is my dream wedding photographer, who I’m sure I’ve already mentioned a number of times on this blog.

In the last few days, they’ve both posted things I just can’t keep quiet about! At the risk of being redundant if you already read their sites as well, I want to feature some of their ingenuity here.

Joanna Goddard posted today about a dinner party she was invited to that was featured in Martha Stewart Living. The other guests included creative types like Saipua’s Sarah and the whole event was hosted and curated by photographer Karen Mordechai. See photos and read the whole story here.

Max Wanger, wedding photographer extraordinaire, got hitched himself recently! I’m sure at this point, he’s seen it all, so it shouldn’t surprise you that he went all out for his photos. Although he’s yet to reveal pictures of his ceremony, he posted his “Smile Booth” photos here, which consists of all types of friends, family, and children posing in colourful photos with props, looking like they’re having the time of their lives.

To see Joanna’s engagement photos, shot my Max, click here. They are some of the best photos of a couple I’ve ever seen.

Wedding Photos

April 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

As my Canadian exile and immigration issues are drawing to a close, I get to start planning mine & Nick’s future in New York again. First stop, wedding photos!

Even though we are getting married at NYC City Hall and will have just a few family members there, we still want to get some nice photos of the event. I’ve been gawking over beautiful photos by Max Wanger, Heather Waraksa, Heather MacEachern, and Elizabeth Kowal and have decided on my friend Jesse Brown to document the day. I can’t wait to have some photos of Nick and I that aren’t us in the middle of eating dinner, as taken by my dad, or  my self-portrait-style photos of us squished together.

Who’s your dream wedding photographer?

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